Wacca WS2813 LED PCB


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A drop in upgrade or replacement for a Wacca cabinet’s LEDs.  This upgraded board uses WS2813-v5 which allows up to one led to fail between LEDs without breaking the light signal for the rest of the LEDs.

Available in quantities of 1, 10, and 60(full set) with reduced pricing at the higher quantities.  International shipping is ~$45, USA shipping is ~$12 for a full set.

Wacca Cabinet Test Notes:

  • To replace the bottom leds, take off the two screws (one on each side of the cabinet) which keeps the whole bottom cover with the aime reader in place.  Carefully remove and unplug the harness connectors on the cabinet side and set the whole assembly aside.  Then you can use a philips driver to unscrew the plastic black panel covers – it should be two screws per panel.  For easier replacement, I also recommend removing the outer white edge ring cover by unscrewing another two screws (watch out for the screw-spring-washer assembly) after you’ve removed the black panel.  It should then just lift away with a little bit of wiggling.  If you are replacing more than one stick, I recommend removing the whole ring segment.  Unplug the 4 pin led power, the 3 pin(2 pins populated) led data in and out wires, and the locking connector on the touch control module.  Unscrew the two screws that go into the metal bracket, and you should be able to pull it out.  Refer to the Wacca manual for more details.
  • If you need to replace the LED board underneath one of the touch control boards, you can first unplug the connectors going to the LED board, unscrew the screw holding the LED board, unscrew the two screws holding the touch control board plastic mount, and then slide out the leds.  Be careful as there is a thin ribbon cable when you unscrew the touch boards.
  • Wacca LED boards that come with the cabinet have a high chance of failure.  If you intend to drop in a few sticks instead of a complete set, it’ll work fine but there will be a noticeable improvement in brightness on the newer sticks.  This difference occurs with official replacement sticks as well, which come from a different manufacturing batch.  Replacing all 60 LED boards takes approximately two hours.

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