SDVX Valkyrie Knob Assembly (Pair)


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Intended to be a drop in replacement for SDVX Arcade cabinets.  These assemblies have minor modifications compared to Konami originals:

  • Stainless steel instead of painted steel parts to prevent rusting.
  • Flush head screws instead of press fit studs on the top plate for easier manufacturing.
  • M3 screws use hex instead of philips
  • Knob spacer is 1mm smaller in outer dimension.  Easier sourcing with no impact.

Compatibility Tests:

  • SDVX Nemsys Booth Arcade – Compatible
  • Gamo2/Dao – Not compatible due to different mounting dimensions

Note: Speedy Labs SDVX Arcade Knobs purchased before 2023/05/24 and many stock Konami Nemsys Booth Knobs have a counterbore of 2.5mm versus Valkyrie Model’s 2mm.  This means that you will likely need to stack an additional spacer on top of the one that is included.  I recommend stacking your old spacer on top of the new one if this is the case.  SDVX Arcade Knobs purchased on or after 2023/05/24 will work without issue.

Includes: 2 Knob assemblies with torque limiters, potentiometer and knob top not includedPurchase knob top separately here.  Reuse your existing potentiometer or purchase a new one at BlueSpringExpress.

Also available at BlueSpringExpress, an official reseller!

See below video on how I like to install the knob tops.  Sorry for blowing into the mic so much.

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