Pocket SDVX Pico v5


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Introducing the Pocket SDVX Pico v5 – the last miniature SDVX controller you’ll need.


– Custom Zipper Case
– CNC Aluminum Body & Faceted Knobs
– User-Replaceable Bourns Encoders with hardware smoothing
– Extra button for binding to whatever you’d like (e.g. USC’s back)
– Hot-Swappable Gateron Milky Yellow Pro Switches
– Cherry 2u Plate Stabilizers
– PBT XDA Keycaps
– Shine-through FR4 Plate
– Custom RP2040 PCB
– USB-C connection
– Thick rubber feet

CABLE NOT INCLUDED. Use any type-c cable, or pick one up here!

Quick Start Guide & Firmware Updates can be found on the support page.

The Pocket SDVX Pico v5 has been redesigned from the ground up to be the most premium mini Sound Voltex controller ever.  It takes everything great from the previous version and adds an absolute ton of new features and improvements.

It starts with an all-new sleek matte black design.  The case is CNC milled out of a single piece of aluminum, sandblasted, and anodized black.  This aluminum body has been optimized to give the controller enough heft to eliminate slipping while still maintaining great portability.  Additionally, a new custom zipper case is included with every controller and lets you bring your controller along without the risk of damage during transport.

Internally, the controller is powered by a custom rp2040 board and features tons of RGB lighting, Kailh hotswap sockets for the switches, and socketed encoders.  Socketed encoders allow for easy replacement within minutes if they ever wear out.  Also, the extra button has been swapped out for one which is rated for 20x more actuations.

There are no longer LEDs protruding into the switch area, so all 3 and 5 pin mx-style switches are compatible.  Included are quality Gateron Milky Pro Yellows which are extremely smooth linear switches with a great spring weight.  FX buttons are now a longer 2.25u keycap which is stabilized with Cherry 2u plate stabilizers for ultra smooth linear motion.  Together with the enlarged faceted knobs which have been positioned at the same angle as the arcade setup, this controller provides the best experience for Sound Voltex or any other 1-6 key rhythm game while on the go.

I really do think this is endgame mini controller material and can’t wait to see what you think.  Leave your setup pictures and thoughts on our discord!

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Weight 33 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in

With Enclosure, Without Enclosure

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