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Speedy Labs steps into a new frontier – introducing the LightFox.  Short for Light Fighting Box, this aims to be a premium optical compact leverless fighting game controller at a not ridiculous price.


  • Aluminum CNC body – No more 3D printed cases and acrylic stacks.  Overall dimensions are 254x127mm (without the cable loop).
  • Artwork Inserts Supported – Easily customize your controller with an artwork insert under a chamfered acrylic top plate.  Artwork service is also available!
  • Low Profile Optical Switches by Keychron – Like a certain other kitsune, but officially supports hot-swap between 8 key switch variants.  Comes with reds by default.  Switch packs available here!
  • Injection Molded Convex Keycaps – Easily swap to different colors thanks to a MX stem that’s way more durable than the original Kailh Choc.  Comes with black by default.  Keycap packs available here!
  • 8 Auxiliary Buttons – Each with a much bigger surface to press so you don’t wreck your fingers.
  • Slide Switches – LS/DP/RS, SOCD, and lockout switches.
  • USB Passthrough – PlayStation compatibility with a dongle available here (or other authentication device).
  • RGB LEDs – Two per action button in addition to player indicators.
  • OLED Display – View your inputs in real-time and easily see what mode you’re in.
  • Silicone Grip – Full coverage silicone anti-slip foot pad.
  • Powered by GP2040-CE – Rebind and reconfigure to your heart’s content with the awesome web ui configurator.
  • Zipper Carry Case w/ Handle Included – Custom fit to easily carry around the LightFox.
  • 2M 90 Degree USB C Cable w/ Velcro Included – A length long enough to actually be useful and velcro to anchor it to the case loop.


  • LightFox Controller (No Art)
  • Zipper Carry Case
  • USB C 90 Degree Cable (Length: 2 Meters)
  • 2mm Hex Wrench
  • Reference Documentation

(Formerly known as PicoFox during development)

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Weight 40 oz

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