About Speedy Labs

Speedy Labs is a side project by SpeedyPotato which aims to provide the community with a variety of miniature controller options and controller parts.

Speedy Labs’ storefront, graphics, texts, photographs, controller designs, firmwares, assembly, and logistics are all done by SpeedyPotato or are used with permission of their respective owners. For all intents and purposes, it is a one man gig.

About Me


I was introduced to Sound Voltex in 2019. Searching for an inexpensive way to play at home, I came across a whole community who had a passion for building game controllers. With the help of that community, I built my first miniature SDVX controller shortly afterward. Fast forward a few years, I’ve now become crazy enough to develop products in my free time.

I am a Software Engineer by trade, and 3D printing enthusiast by night. Sprinkle in some light electronics know-how and community help and it opens up an avenue of possibilities.